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Eat This, Make That: Green Bean Recipes

Feeling like you need a little more green? Yep, us too. Spinach is fantastic, kale is a superfood, but don’t forget about the green beans. Also called string beans, you may think of them as the not-so-good side dish at a fancy dinner. But green beans really deserve a much better rep. The little green guys have both iron and folic acid — two pregnancy powerhouse nutrients — and contain vitamin C and vitamin K as well. You’ve probably heard about C (great for boosting your immunity), but vitamin K is a special one too:…Read More

Eating In: Peru

Peruvian cuisine is as varied as it is delicious: Potatoes — originally from Peru — and quinoa are grown in the Andes, fresh seafood is plentiful because of the never-ending coastline, and exotic fruits are anything but rare due to Peru’s jungles. While it’s important to avoid the Peruvian favorite ceviche when you’re pregnant, due to the raw fish in it, there are many, many other Peruvian foods that you can and should enjoy. First, there’s quinoa, a staple in many dishes, that’s full of nutrients including protein, calcium and fiber. It’s also a good…Read More

Is it Safe to Use Artificial Sweeteners When I’m Pregnant?

You’re tired, you’re cranky, and you just want a Diet Coke. Is it OK to still grab one now that you’ve got a little munchkin growing inside you? The short answer is yes. An occasional diet soda is not going to harm you or your baby. But (and sorry about this!) — it’s also important to keep it occasional, both because of the caffeine involved and the artificial sweeteners that come in sodas and other “diet” foods. When it comes to sweets, natural is healthiest. The downside of sweeteners All three of the major artificial…Read More

Eat This, Make That: Veggie Burger Recipes

It’s summer and that means grilling season is in full force! And what screams backyard BBQ more than… veggie burgers? Even if you’re an avid carnivore, there’s plenty of reasons to add some faux-meat patties to your next cookout. Most veggie burger recipes include beans and other legumes (a great source of both protein and folic acid), quinoa or rice (get your fiber fill for constipation relief!) and vitamin-rich veggies. Add some cheese, leafy greens and avocado on top and you’ve also added calcium, more folate and healthy fats. A nearly-complete meal in one little…Read More