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Simple Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Immunity — and Your Own

Pregnancy really takes the motto “what’s mine is yours” to the next level: the molecular level. Not only are you sharing your uterus with your growing baby, you’re even sharing your immune system with her. Your baby receives antibodies (those germ-fighters that live in your bloodstream) from you through the placenta. These keep your growing baby healthy and free from developing an infection inside the womb. After your baby is born, she will get even more of your immunity through the magic potion of breast milk. Breast milk contains all five types of antibodies, which…Read More

Questions for Your Doctor or Midwife: 3rd Trimester

The end is in sight! With just a few more weeks to log, you can expect to see and feel your baby and belly grow. You’ll want to start thinking about your delivery and how you will feed your bundle of joy. To help sort this out, here are a few key questions you’ll want to discuss with your doctor: How much weight should I gain in my 3rd trimester? Expect to gain about a pound per week during your last trimester. Your appointments with your doctor will be more frequent during this time, so…Read More

Selecting Your Delivery Location

Many considerations go into selecting your delivery location: privacy, comfort and baby-friendly practices. If you think you want to breastfeed — and want a good shot at starting and continuing the process — you’ll want to set yourself up for success. Breastfeeding is easier when you have a supportive environment from the get-go. Certain hospitals have received international recognition for prioritizing health practices. Although only a few hospitals in the U.S. have undergone this “baby-friendly” designation process, you can still ask your delivery location certain questions that may help you determine the best delivery location…Read More

Questions for Your Doctor or Midwife: 2nd Trimester

Congratulations on making it through the first trimester! Those unpleasant early side effects are finally fading away and your beautiful belly is swelling. With so many changes continuing to happen with both your baby (she sure is growing fast!) and your body, you probably have some questions you want to discuss with your doctor. How much weight should I gain during my 2nd trimester? Most pregnant moms will gain about a pound per week during this time, more or less. Warning: if you’re not gaining weight, or are gaining very slowly, let your doctor know….Read More